DIY Workout #1

Holiday homework

Going away these school holidays? Here’s a great little DIY workout you can do in your hotel room, the resort gym or even on the beach. Remember to warm-up, work hard and cool down. You can do all of this in just 30 minutes!

Equipment: timer (use timer function on smart phone or download an interval training app – there are many to choose from, play around with the settings to program work/rest intervals)

Warm-up: aim is to move joints through range of movement, increase blood flow to working muscles and elevate the HR ready for the session ahead.

Arm circles

Leg Swings

Trunk rotations

10 Body weight squats (concentrate on squeezing butt)

5 push-ups from knees

15 sec jog on spot, 15 sec high knees on spot, 15 sec butt kicks on spot, 15 sec sprint – Repeat x 3

Circuit: Perform each exercise for the set time – eg. Y-squats for 50 sec, 10 sec rest, then move on to in/out push-ups. After each round (all 8 exercises) take a 30 sec rest. Round 1 is tough!

Round 1: 50 sec work/10 sec rest

Round 2: 40 sec work/20 sec rest

Round 3: 30 sec work/30 sec rest

  1. Y-Squats – bodyweight squat, make Y shape with arms on up phase
  2. In-out Push-ups – arms in close to brush rib cage for 1 push-up, hands out wide for 1 push-up, repeat
  3. Burpees – yes, burpees!
  4. Reverse Lunges – step back into lunge, alternate legs
  5. 2-step dash – run forward 2 steps, touch hand to ground, run back 2 steps touch hand to ground, keep moving
  6. Mt climbers – in push-up position, bring one knee at a time up to chest. Keep butt down!
  7. No wall sit – holding a squat position for complete work interval – e.g. 50 sec
  8. Sprint on the spot – SPRINT, not jog. Use arms and light quick feet.

Cool Down: Gentle walk & a few stretches that target the quads, hamstrings and upper body.