DIY Workout #2

Winter warmer

Winter has HIT! What better way to keep your exercise routine up even though the days have turned cold and miserable, than to turn your lounge room into a gym. All you need is a timer, an open door or window – trust me, you’ll need it – and a high energy music playlist. Remember to warm-up, work hard for the main set and cool down – you’ll be done in 30 minutes.

Equipment: timer (use timer function on smart phone or download an interval training app – there are many to choose from, play around with the settings to program work/rest intervals)


Arm circles

Leg Swings – fwd & back, side to side

Trunk rotations

10 Body weight squats (concentrate on squeezing butt)

5 push-ups from knees

15 sec jog on spot, 15 sec high knees on spot, 15 sec butt kicks on spot, 15 sec sprint – Repeat x 3

Circuit: 30 sec break in between rounds

Round 1: 30 sec work/10 sec rest x 3

  1. Body Weight Squats – butt back, weight on heels, add a jump if feeling strong
  2. In-Out Push-ups – arms in close to brush rib cage for 1 push-up, hands out wide for 1 push-up, repeat
  3. Burpees with a turn – perform a normal burpee but jump 180 to complete second burpee facing opposite direction.

Round 2: 30 sec work/10 sec rest x 3

  1. Sliders – stay low in a squat, step sideways bring feet together, step back to other side. Key is to stay low, weight back on heels.
  2. Down & hold push-ups – lower chest to just off floor, hold for 3 sec, push-up, repeat. Do from knees if you can’t get chest low enough from toes.
  3. Burpees with split leg thrust – normal burpee but when you thrust legs back into plank position make v shape (legs wide apart), then complete as per normal

Round 3: 30 sec work/10 sec rest x 3

  1. Reverse lunges – step back into lunge, back knee to ground, change leg each time
  2. Walking push-up – in plank hold, take 2 steps sideways, perform push-up (drop to knees if needed), walk 2 steps back, perform push-up
  3. Burpees with sprint – perform a burpee then sprint on spot for 5, repeat

Round 4: 20 sec on/10 sec recovery x 8

  1. Sprint on spot OR skip with rope

Cool Down: Gentle walk & static stretches that target quads, hamstrings, back, arms, chest