DIY Workout #4

The 15/45 Workout

I’m going a little “retro” this week and bringing back the skipping rope. This is a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your collection. They are cheap ($3 from K-Mart), user friendly, transportable and best of all you can do a very effective and time efficient training session using them. This week’s workout combines 45 seconds of skipping with good old fashioned bodyweight exercises. Complete the set of exercises – should take around 5-7min – rest for 60 seconds, then repeat (a third time if your game too!)

Remember the key to making these sessions effective is to work hard – no pacing, no cheating on form – full movements.

Equipment: stop watch or timer, skipping rope


Leg Swings – fwd & back, side to side

Calf/Achilles stretches

Trunk rotations

Jog on spot – butt kicks 15 sec, high knees 15 sec, sprint 15 sec – x 3 each

Main set:

Reps/Time Exercise Key Points
15 reps Body weight squats Legs shoulder width apart

Butt goes back as knees bend

Weight on heels

Head/chest up

Squeeze butt on way up

45 sec Skip OR Run on spot OR step ups Light on feet

Work hard & fast

15 reps In-out push-ups Full plank position, weight forward over hands

Hands wide, bend elbows chest to ground

Complete push-up

Hands in close, bend elbows to brush ribs, lower chest to ground

Complete push-up

Option – from knees

45 sec Skip OR Run on spot OR Step ups  
15 reps Reverse lunges Step one leg back

Lower back knee to ground

Keep chest upright & shoulders relaxed

Push through front heel back to start position

Change legs

45 sec Skip OR Run on spot OR step ups  
15 reps Get up planks Start in full plank position – heels over toes, shoulders over hands

Keeping butt down and core stable, lower down onto forearms – 1 arm at a time

Return back up to on hands. 1 rep

45 sec Skip OR Run on spot OR Step Ups  
15 reps Mountain climbers Start in full plank position

Keep butt down

Bring 1 knee under chest in between hands

Return to full plank

Change legs, continue

45 sec Skip OR Run on Spot OR Step ups  


60 Sec recovery – Repeat x 1-2

Cool Down: Static stretches that target quads, hamstrings, hips, groin, lower back