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Make time to exercise and make time for #1 – YOU

“How do I make time to exercise when I’m so busy”?

Life is BUSY, and being BUSY is IN –  who has time to exercise? Running from one appointment to the next, working longer hours, being switched on 24/7 via social media and smartphones, cramming more into each day. It’s not surprising then that the number one reason (excuse) given for not exercising is lack of time – exercise is usually the first thing given away to make more time for being BUSY.

You can still be busy AND make time to exercise. All it takes is a little PLANNING, a change in your MINDSET to make EXERCISE A PRIORITY, and a COMMITMENT to do it. It’s really important that mum’s (and I’m one who struggled with this, even being an endorphin junkie) let go of the guilt associated with devoting and investing time in yourself. If you don’t look out for #1, no-one else will. Set an example, be a role model, make time for YOU.

Here are a few tips on how to make time to exercise and look after #1.

  1. PLAN YOUR WEEK – we all run to a daily timetable. Alarm goes, morning routine, work/kids/errands, meals, and evening routine, bed. Just as we timetable in appointments with doctors, tradesmen, hairdressers, etc, make a daily appointment with YOURSELF to exercise. Add it to your daily/weekly schedule FIRST and build your day/week around that time.

HINT: Book all your METAFIT sessions for the week on a Sunday night, put them in the diary and work around them. (Sneaky link HERE to book)

  1. WAKE UP & WORK-OUT – I’m an early bird so getting up before the family to exercise has never been too hard (although in mid winter when its dark and cold it can be a challenge). But when my 3 kids were young and all at home, early was the only chance I had to exercise without little people in tow. If you’re not a morning person, getting up early can be a challenge but you can retrain your body clock – just persist.

HINT: Heart Body & Soul has 6am sessions Mon, Wed, Fri. You’ll be back home by 6.45!

  1. EXERCISE ON MOST DAYS OF THE WEEK – I love MEATFIT and the whole HIIT principle, but its NOT something that should be done more than 3 times a week, BUT that doesn’t mean do nothing the other days of the week! On your off days try an activity that gets your heart rate elevated, gets your body moving, lifting, and stretching. Tennis, swimming, running, a strength training session, or one of my favourites yoga – all great options that get you moving.
  2. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – Some weeks you’ll be more tired, sore, maybe feel a head-cold coming on. Learn to listen to the messages your body is giving you and modify the planned exercise session accordingly. Maybe you had planned to do METAFIT but you aren’t feeling 100%, go for a walk instead and try METAIT the next day. Still plan for time to exercise, just change the activity to fit with your body’s message.
  3. SLEEP – probably THE most important part of your day. Without quality sleep we fail to function and thrive. Whilst the body is at rest it works to repair, restore, regenerate and absorb all that you have put it through whilst awake. Without rest the body is in a constant state of stress, and we all know what too much stress can do. Set a regular bedtime, SWITCH OFF mentally, electronically, and physically and rest. (Just set the alarm to wake up early before you fall asleep!!)

Do you have any tips on how to fit exercise and time for you into a busy schedule?