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Good enough IS good enough

So this weekend didn’t quite go according to plan from a training perspective…but, I survived!

You see, a few years back, not getting out to do the training I had planned would have sent me into a judge-y, shame-filled, guilt trip of “shoulds”. I “should” have just gone for a short run, I “should” have gone to the gym, I “should”…

I “had” to follow my training plan to T H E L E T T E R, I had to be “perfect” to achieve my goals.

Although I’d like to say that with maturity I’ve been able to break the cycle of perfection, the reality is I’ve endured episodes of overtraining which led to overuse injury, illness, and complete physical/emotional breakdowns.

It has taken a lot of hard work on me to come out the other side, but I still have moments…

Now good enough is actually great. Good enough allows me room to move, to be very happy with a 20 minute run, to be very content with a sleep in & a snuggle minus the guilt, to enjoy a night out with friends without going home early to be “run fit” for the morning, to allow my body to recover from the run-down state its in.

I share this because I know I’m not the only one who experiences these feelings. My perfectionist/ self-judgment issues have always been around the need to be perfect with regards to exercise & training. For others, its diet, others its work, or body-image, appearance, fashion, an academic achievement…the list is endless.

Nothing can ever be perfect, but something is ALWAYS good enough, and practicing self-care & compassion is the best training you will ever do x