About us.

Why Heart Body & Soul?

We want you to:

Fall in LOVE with exercise
­Move each day and celebrate what your BODY can do
Feel energised, alert, confident, happy & AWESOME
Take time out for YOU

And if group fitness isn’t for you, or you need a little extra attention, we offer a limited number of personal training or smaller group time slots. Please contact us for further information.

We offer group fitness classes that are:

  • Mum friendly – fitness training specifically for mums and women. Working with the unique changes & challenges of the female body to build strong mums from the inside out. (*Once post-natal, always post-natal!)
  • Time friendly – 30-60 minutes duration at times to suit those who work and those who work from home
  • Child friendly – children of all ages are welcome to attend with mum (just keep a close eye on them please)
  • Affordable – classes from just $10/session
  • Ego free zones – everyone is welcome and everyone is equal regardless of fitness or ability, we sweat, huff, puff & laugh together
  • Beginner & athlete friendly (and all abilities in between) – all exercises can and will be modified to suit fitness & ability levels. You will feel challenged but not overwhelmed, whatever level of fitness you are. And NO, you don’t have to be fit to start!