DIY Workout #2

Winter warmer Winter has HIT! What better way to keep your exercise routine up even though the days have turned cold and miserable, than to turn your lounge room into a gym. All you need is a timer, an open door or window – trust me, you’ll need it – and a high energy music […]


Metafit is Functional Fitness

Metafit is Functional Fitness Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently. Do you live to exercise? Unless you’re an elite athlete, or have an endorphin addiction (like me!), you probably answered no to that question. Most people, in fact, would say they exercise to improve their quality […]


DIY Workout #1

Holiday homework Going away these school holidays? Here’s a great little DIY workout you can do in your hotel room, the resort gym or even on the beach. Remember to warm-up, work hard and cool down. You can do all of this in just 30 minutes!