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The badge of BUSY

I was being a bit of a sticky beak today whilst waiting in line at a department store. I overheard a couple of ladies talking about how busy they were, each trying to outdo the other with who was busier! C: “Oh Hi Angela, how are you?” A: “Hi Christine! Great, but super busy.” C: […]

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Good enough IS good enough

So this weekend didn’t quite go according to plan from a training perspective…but, I survived! You see, a few years back, not getting out to do the training I had planned would have sent me into a judge-y, shame-filled, guilt trip of “shoulds”. I “should” have just gone for a short run, I “should” have […]

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How to manage your energy levels

Energy – the basic building block of life. Without energy, we couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, much less go for a run, or handle with care a challenging toddler (or teenage) tantrum. So how can we manage our energy levels enable to enable you to live life to the full and be […]