So what is personalised Health & Fitness Coaching?

Well, it could be the spark you need to live the rest of your life as the best of your life, but let’s start with the present …

You aren’t unwell, but you’re not feeling fabulous and you just can’t put a finger on what it is.

You know you’re body and mind is capable of more, but what, and how and where to start?

Since turning 40, the things you used to do to get fit & healthy don’t work anymore, and you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror or feel on the inside.

And the kicker – H & M – hormones and menopause …

But what the heck is the right approach for YOU?

You’ve already tried numerous different ‘ways of eating’ recommended by friends and endorsed by celebrities. They all start with lots of momentum, you drop a few kilos and centimeters. But despite sticking to the plan, the rest of that mummy tummy isn’t budging. Bye-bye willpower and momentum. Hello lost kilos, lost centimeters and of course a few extra too!

Next new diet or ‘healthy eating’ trend … same outcome.


Or are you the friend who has been dragged along to boot camp challenge after challenge – you smash yourself daily (alongside your bestie who is getting amazing results) at 6 am for the 6-week challenge and nothing changes … except for your bank balance, dignity and sanity!

Or just maybe … despite all good intentions, you’ve just lost your mojo underneath the mayhem of motherhood and modern day life. You have thrown your hands up in the air and surrendered to this being “your lot in life”.

If any of this sounds familiar, then let me help you find your mojo. I’ll listen while you talk, I’ll help you find what is the right fit and the right path for you, right down to providing you with your very own roadmap and user guide – yes its THAT personalised – because there is no such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to health & fitness.

HOW? … There is some pretty cool science out there called epigenetics that provides health and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression.

ph360 is an online epigenetic platform that gives you personalised information about what kind of foods, exercise, environment, and even mindset can enable you to live the rest of your life as the best of your life.

FIRST STEP … meeting YOU where you are AT

We will spend at least 90 minutes working through a very thorough Initial Consultation + the ph360 profile assessment, to understand your personal biotype and health profile.

… and then we talk about change

After that, we will have two 45 minute follow-up sessions to review your results and then establish what kind of change you really need and how we are going to go about it.


  • Initial Consult + ph360 health assessment (90 mins)
  • 12 month subscription to ph360 online platform + app ($295 RRP)
  • 2 x coaching sessions (45 mins each)
  • Access to private Facebook group + ongoing support via What’s App

Investment: $495

Introductory Offer: $350 (offer ends 5/11/18)

SECOND STEP … holding space for YOU whilst keeping you on YOUR path

Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly ongoing coaching packages are available.

Investment: from $80

You can work with me either face to face or online as your Health & Fitness Coach but we can get into all that later.

For now it’s all about YOU.

Your best, most healthy and balanced life is waiting.

Health & Fitness Consultations

9-5pm (later by arrangement)
The Revitalise Centre,
7-9 Bardolph St
Glen Iris


By appointment




I offer a free Heart Body & Soul session which is a 15-minute introduction session for us both. You will learn more about ph360 and your Health Type, my services and how your own personalised user manual could help you achieve better health and happiness.