The small group fitness program at Heart Body & Soul offers specialised training for mums/women of all ages. My goal is for you to:

Fall in LOVE with exercise
­Move each day and celebrate what your AMAZING body can do
Feel energised, alert, confident, happy & AWESOME
Take time out for YOU


A happy mum = happy family = happy home

The program offers a variety of different classes to suit mums/women at different stages & ages.

Core Foundations**

All classes will cater to individual injury or health conditions (including women’s health issues) and we work closely with women’s & pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapists to ensure we provide safe and sustainable exercise options.

Based in Glen Iris, Heart Body & Soul is passionate about helping you achieve and maintain strength and fitness for life. Following a Safe Return to Exercise program means I can adapt exercise around your individual needs in a safe and effective way – dodgy knees, pelvic floor weakness, sore lower backs, hip pain – all can and will be looked after.

I want the women of Heart Body & Soul like you to lead a happy and healthy life, to rebuild and stay strong from the inside out, take some time out for yourself to move and find your groove!

My aim is to “put a spring back in your step…..and a smile on your face”

Trial Sessions

Heart Body & Soul offers a “try before you buy” option when we invite you to come along and give the class you are interested in a go.

Bookings are required.

What to expect?

CardioBox – 45 min

This dynamic class will get your heart rate up and have you break into a sweaty smile in no time. Combining circuit training, using high reps, light work (no contact or heavy bags – we punch into focus pads) and cardio intervals. This is a low impact but high energy class. All equipment is provided. Max 8 participants

Metafit – 30 min

This is a fast paced, high-energy 30-minute session. Using only bodyweight exercises – squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, burpees and variations of all – in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) format. No choreography, no fancy dance moves, no keeping in time with the music or instructor – just functional whole body exercises done in short bursts, short rest and high intensity.

9.15am metafit sessions are specifically modified to be more suitable for you if you are only starting out on your fitness journey, or returning to exercise after a break or due to injury, or pregnancy. Low-impact exercise options are provided so that you can work at your own fitness level and step it up when ready.

Core Foundations** – 45 min

This is the perfect place to start or rekindle your love affair with exercise. The aim of Core Foundations is to build a solid foundation before we put up the fancy house! Working from the inside out we will improve the function and strength of your inner core – abdominal wall, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidus – whilst creating a balanced, aligned body.

Using basic equipment and bodyweight to perform simple functional exercises to stretch out and strengthen muscles shortened and/or weakened as a result of pregnancy, poor posture, injury, work habits and lifestyle. Add to this cardio exercises and you have a fantastic well rounded workout.

To ensure we get off on the right foot, we start with an initial 60-minute consultation where we will discuss your exercise & medical history, lifestyle, discuss & set goals, assess you for abdominal separation, pelvic floor function, posture, movement and breathing pattern. A referral to our partner women’s health physiotherapists is also recommended.

**Currently offered as a personal training option only.


$10 Trial Class

To register your interest please click here


Tuesday 9.15am – CardioBox***

***Tuesday CardioBox is held outdoors at Burwood Reserve Clubrooms, entrance via driveway off Bath Rd or Warrigal Rd


Burwood Reserve
Entrance via Warrigal Rd or Bath Rd
Glen Iris