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Teenage Boys & Laundry

What is it with teenage boys & laundry?

Ladies I’m curious…is this the same at your place?

Have you found that at a certain age, the male child who was once verbal, communicative and fairly compliant with daily chores, completely disappears. In his place is someone who looks familiar but has sprouted hair in a few new places, a deeper voice (when its used) and who likes to spend a lot of time in his bedroom with the door closed.

On venturing into said bedroom (once male child has left the building), my first reaction is to pull open blinds & windows and let fresh air IN and THAT stench OUT! Holy mother of…what is THAT!

Next is to try and work out what needs to be washed which isn’t as straight forward as you would think. What has been worn obviously need a trip to the washing machine. BUT – here’s what gets to me – clothes that haven’t been put away, let alone worn, need to be washed too just because they have been sitting underneath what has been worn so it STINKS TOO!

This expedition into said bedroom doesn’t happen all that often as I leave the kids responsible for putting their washing down the laundry chute – you want clean clothes, you put them out to be washed. But, when you haven’t seen any washing come down the chute from teenage son#1 in some time, and the dog can’t even stand the smell wafting out from under the door, then you know it’s time for action and the expedition.

Try as I do, there just seems to be a disconnect between teenage son #1’s intelligent brain and practical ability. I sometimes wonder at what point he’d crack (if I didn’t crack first) and see how long it would be before he thinks it’s time to remove the upper layer of floor covering and put it down the laundry chute to get washed? After he’s worn jocks more than once? When someone mentions he’s a bit on the nose? I shudder to think!

So, I’ve decided to go back to the daily “has anyone got any washing” question. With a little prompt, the practical ability kicks in and sure enough, I get a chute full of stinky laundry – just the way to start the day!

How do you get your teenagers to look after themselves? Any tips?